Staring at the Queen Charlotte Strait     [May 4, 2022]

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Everything out here is wet
Cluxewe Resort, Port McNeill BC

We decided to hole up for a day, given the wet weather. Touring on foot in the rain is not as much fun as it used to be (or ever was).

Hobbes clamoured to go out several times to today only to stay just inside the door or go only a step or two. On the third request, lee picked him up, carried him to the seashore and set him down. He didn't run back, but took a steady lope back to the Schooner.

Well, now that we are settled, we took a look at various options for a rainy day. It was quickly determined that we are not venturing out. Lee picked up some info from the campground office and we now have an idea what we can take in - given the days when we will see sunshine. No, I'm not sharing that now - you will have to wait until we blog the adventures!