Driving in the rain     [May 3, 2022]

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Hauling way up north
Cluxewe Resort, Port McNeill BC

Lee notes that we are headed to the far north of Vancouver Island in order to explore all around there. The road (Highway 19) is very quiet and in very good shape until about the Sayward turn-off. After that, they have done some occasional patching. That would be BC patching, not Saskatchewan patching. Lee stops the complaining at this point.

Cluxewe is an indigenous-run resort on the Queen Charlotte Strait west of Port McNeill. It is incredibly quiet here. In the evening, the only lights are the Pulteney Point Lighthouse on Malcolm Island and the village of Sointula further east on the same island.

A long trek today (by our Roads Less Gravelled standards) has brought us to Cluxewe. It is SO peaceful here. We needed a snooze when we settled in. We may not have been moving much, but the roads kept us alert. It was a rainy day - roads were not slick, however they were a little bumpy. Yes, there were a few re-arranged items in the cabinets, but nothing was truly knocked over or broken. It was good to know our inside tethering is working.

We decided on a fondue dinner - not something we have done for some time! A leisurely dinner ended the successful travel day. Parking was an interesting maneuver, but Lee is getting prety good with the docking and I just had to keep an eye on the post hazards - we kind of like having power etc. Hobbes was his resigned to travel self, and wanted to explore in the dark which we didn't let happen. It was difficult enough for us in the dark night to see where we were going. This campground is well run, and having a site that has the Queen Charlotte Strait on one side and a dark forest on another is quite sheltered.