Chuck, the food truck     [May 2, 2022]

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Stop and sniff
Salmon Point RV Resort, Campbell River BC

Lee notes that Myra Falls near the bottom has five different channels spilling water over the rocks. It was an exhilarating hike down (a drop of about 30 meters, about a ten story building) and back up. The volume of water is tremendous.

Back at the truck after the hike and we joked that Chuck was a food truck because that is where our lunch was. So we sat on the tailgate of the food truck and ate lunch.

Today we left the Schooner and Hobbes and spent the day travelling to, at and from Lower Myra Falls. We stopped and sniffed the forest air, the moist air at the falls, the scent of the foliage in the humid air. It was so peaceful and tranquil. Going without the RV was wise, many of the roads were narrow and we did wander off onto a road that really wasn't even gravelled - and Chuck is now coated in a grey muck. Our pictures tell the story today, as there is only so much one can express how incredible this country is. Today was another example of awe.

We ended our day with a BBQ dinner and final visit with the Brins. We leave tomorrow and they head towards Edmonton in two days.