The Comox valley     [May 1, 2022]

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About wine, tulips, old cars and Chinese workers
Salmon Point RV Resort, Campbell River BC

Lee likes how this day played out - a variety of new things to see. We were throughout the Comox Valley from Black Creek to Cumberland.

First up, the tulip display at Coastal Black Winery. A sort of small example of what you see at Keukenhof in the Netherlands. The surprise was that several people had brought their vintage cars to the Tulip Festival. Very classy.

Next up was the 'Chinese Town" outside of Cumberland. There were several coal mines in the area and Chinese workers were brought in the early 20th century to work there. They built a town of almost a hundred buildings in which they worked and socialized. Sadly, the village of Cumberland removed all but one building by 1968.

On the way back home, we side-tracked to the 40 Knots Winery. Side-tracked is accurate because our turn-by-turn directions were left then right, then left, then right, etc. Luckily we were able to snag the un-oaked Chardonnay we had heard about, plus a couple of other tasty whites.

Lez stretches and yawns, what a solid sleep. Ready for more adventures, camera batteries charged, fresh water or coffee in the thermoses, Hobbes safe and sound in the RV with plenty of water and food and the whole bed to himself.

Well, 146 photographs later, we returned to the RV with a kitty who wanted outside right meow!

The tulip festival was beautiful to see, pictures will show and tell. The classic cars was a bonus. We enjoyed the cool weather, not raining or windy so the event has left us with great memories of the Netherlands' tulip fields.

Our adventure to the Coal Creek HIstoric Park in Cumberland was an eye opener. The walking tour of the coal mining Chinatown markers is all that there is, with one exception. Mother Nature has taken over all evidence of the townsite after it was deliberately burnt down. There is one cabin left, now known as Jumbo's Cabin. Hor Sue Mah aka Jumbo lived in it. The life of Cumberland Chinatown from 1888 to 1968, the community, the businesses, the people who came to Canada for work, supporting women, the children born here - all a part of Canada's diverse multicultural history. I smile, in school I had no appreciation for history - Canadian or any other. i also only understood our country was populated by Europeans. Never too late to learn more about this diverse land of ours, is it!