Salmon Point     [Apr 30, 2022]

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On the road again.

Map - Parksville to Salmon Point

Salmon Point RV Resort, Campbell River BC (2 stars)

Pack up and head out, says Lee. And that we did. Considering we had not packed up, hooked up or pulled the Schooner for six months everything went pretty smooth.

As we prepared to park the Schooner at Salmon Point, Lee is looking out the driver's window and sees a familiar face. It is Pat Brin. They are here and we have met up with pure luck. We spend some time together that afternoon and evening at their site, which has a firepit and is just across from our site. Late in the evening we watch the MS Koningsdam cruise ship glide by headed for Alaska.

Heading for Salmon Point RV Resort. A beautiful sunny afternoon. Getting our RV travel legs underway as we broke camp at the Surfside Resort until October.

Today we had another one of those - who ever would have guessed - events. As we are parking the RV, I see a camper wandering over - I smile thinking oh dear, nosy neighbours. LOL it is common that all the campers around are willing to give advice and assist us in getting the Schooner docked. WELL! - it was Macarena Pat Brin. What a most wonderful surprise! Not only are Pat and Norm in the same RV resort, they are across from us! What were the chances. and what a wonderful evening of chat, firepit, and sunset and clear skies. Yes, it was cold, but no wind. I made a batch of movie theatre popcorn which was quickly consumed. We watched the Koningsdam cruise ship sail by. As we were calling it a night, Norm and I stood at our picnic table and he suddenly pointed out a phenomena I never expected. A string of lights - no word of a lie - a string of glowing beads are crossing the North sky! I turned to grab the camera - and before I could point the camera they were gone. It turns out they are the SpaceX Starlink satellites. The sun had set, but was still close enough below the horizon that it briefly lit up the satellites. We will sleep well tonight! Approx 100 photos to cull and share.