Chuck the muck hucker     [May 5, 2022]

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Hiking to the beach
Cluxewe Resort, Port McNeill BC

Lee has had an interest in Cape Scott on Vancouver Island long before Roads Less Gravelled became a reality. The harshness, the isolation and the wildness of the area. We could not drive to Cape Scott nor hike to it given the distance, but we were able to drive and hike to San Josef Bay which is close to the tip at Cape Scott lighthouse.

The drive took us through old growth forest and harvested old growth forest. The sizes of the stumps are incredible, as shown in the photos. We were also very impressed with the reforestation that has been going on since 1945. Those forests are now very mature and tall.

The hike to San Josef Bay is almost three kikometers one way. What appeared at the bay was the full fury of the Pacific Ocean pounding into the shore and a set of sea stacks on the beach. These stacks are essentially stack of rock that have been worn away by the waves until they are solitary from each other but still retain growth on their tops. Quite unique.

On the way back, we stopped in Holberg (population 35) at the only eating place in town. Great food and a view of the murmurations of birds flying over the estuary.

Another bumpy, muddy ride back to Highway 19 and it was all a memory except for the photos and the layer of mud over most of Chuck.

The area we adventured into today is mostly travelled by logging trucks and truckers rock, trees, water, flowers, swamp and birds and forest you would disappear in after ten steps. Fortunately there are many hiking paths to choose from. Our journey started out in pouring rain, roads also became more gravelled. We have dubbed the truck "Chuck the muck hucker" as it was covered in super fine mud/dirt from door handles down.

However - the sights, sounds and smells - and photos made it all worthwhile.