Over to the mainland     [May 18, 2023]

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Late night antics.

Map - Parksville to Chilliwack

O'Connors RV Parts Store, Chilliwack BC (1 star)

Lee thought this would be a busy day but, oh boy, it was busier than that.

First up, we had two tires put on the Schooner to replace a couple of well worn ones. They are on the same axle and Lee suspects the axle has a slight bend, but that is for another day.

Then we headed into Nanaimo and loaded up on groceries. We relaxed outside the Schooner in the Superstore parking lot for a few hours and then headed to the ferry terminal at Duke Point. Alas, we were too early for ticketing the 10:45 pm crossing so we headed back into south Nanaimo.

Then a true Canadian pass-some-time, we sat outside a Timmie's for some eats. And yes, this was a typical Timmies at 8 o'clock at night - no Timbits! Geez!

Back to the ferry terminal and off we sailed at 10:45. There were very few vehicles on this last sailing of the day. We tried to nap as best we could in the lounge. Upon arriving, we immediately headed up the Lower Mainland, thinking we could go as far as Abbotsford and spend the night in a rest area.

The sign pointed to a rest area but as we found out, that rest area was further down the service road. We ended up for an hour or so beside what can best be described as a homeless motor home. Too scary. We left and headed for Chilliwack.

Why Chilliwack you ask. Did I mention that we discovered our bathroom sink and shower holding tank was not draining Likely the valve cable is broken again. We need to fix that quickly. An RV parts store in Chilliwack seemed promising. We drove to their store, parked out front and tried to get a few hours sleep.

A transition day as we head out for stocking up on some needed groceries etc and giving the Schooner some needed tire attention. Fortunately the Superstore has a large lot that allowed us space to spend the afternoon. We had booked the late night crossing to ensure we would have a spot, but it never occurred to us that the terminal is not prepared for us to be early and directed us to come back later. The terminal area was not busy, so we were a little disappointed we couldn't just stay.

When we did get on board, we found it not busy, easily found seats but also realized I should have grabbed a jacket. Also, the windows were all covered - which kinda makes sense since it was dark, but our view was quite boring. Note to self, day crossings are much more interesting. However much more expensive than the night booking, and our budget needs to be considered.

As Lee noted, we headed towards Abbotsford rest area, and as soon as we parked beside another unit in the gravelled parking area beside the highway, another vehicle showed up on the main road and we were concerned as it just sat and watched us. Creepy. It's flashers came on, and then a tow truck arrived - so it was likely not a potential robbery or such. It was late, we were tired and the mind wanders to all possibilities. We moved on to Chilliwack.