Yukon and Northern BC     [May - Oct 2023]

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The Yukon and Northern BC

In 2023 we will head north to see parts of Northern BC and the Yukon. We plan to drive all the way to Tuktoyaktuk, NT.

The entire leg of our travels will take from April to October, 2023. We estimate the journey will cover about 9,200 kilometers. It will also include more dry camping nights than ever before in Roads Less Gravelled.

Dry camping means we have no water, power, and sewer hookup to our Schooner. We carry our own water, we have generators to produce electricity when needed, and we use dump sites for our onboard sewage.

We might also be out of cell service coverage from time to time.

We plan to see historic sites in Barkerville and Dawson City, to see the Salmon Glacier, spend time on Haida Gwaii, and set our toes in the Bering Sea, Canada's third ocean.

This leg requires more preparation. We already have two generators and we can carry about 100 litres of fresh water on board. We have acquired a second spare tire for Chuck and a second spare tire for the Schooner. We will also be carrying a couple of jerry cans of extra fuel for Chuck.