What a journey so far     [Jan 22, 2023]

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Our 1,000 days in the Schooner.

Surfside RV Resort, Parksville BC (2 stars)

So, Lee recalls this has been 1,000 days on our adventure. 1,000 days in the Schooner, 1,000 days in our comfy bed, 1,000 days with Hobbes and 1,000 days in 350 square feet of home. That's 33 square meters for you metric-minded folks.

And we are also within 50 kilometers of passing 50,000 kilometers on Chuck. Wow!

I wouldn't change a thing!

After a hearty french toast and bacon breakfast we walked up the hill to Thrifty's for some needed groceries - and my ever fave snacky - Hawkins Cheesies! Another grey day but the sun did grace us on the walk. Perfect timing. Now caught up on the blog after a very eventful week.

At our guild's quilt retreat last week I took lots of photos. Edits, culling and cropping ended with most being shared with the editor.