Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory     [Nov 25, 2022]

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The Schooner was shaking tonight.

Surfside RV Resort, Parksville BC (2 stars)

Lee is sitting at his desk when all of a sudden the Schooner shakes for a few seconds. Lez was at her sewing table. Hobbes is snoozing on the bed. We shrug it off and continue, including listening to the Generals game. After a few minutes the play-by-play announces that we have just had an earthquake off the coast by Tofino.

Well, that explains it and we can forget about blaming Hobbes for jumping between the bed and the dresser.

In junior hockey, expect anything. The Generals went into the third period up 3-0 and lost the game 4-3 in overtime. Should be a quiet bus ride back from Comox for the boys.

A mixed bag of weather today, warm wind, then cold wind. Rain overnight and warm sunshine this afternoon. The Man did laundry and I did some housecleaning. Yes, this is not a vacation - it is our daily living.

I am preparing some notes regarding workshops that I could teach, various quilting projects.

Only a few photos today catching the Heron that was wandering our side of the estuary. Later a Kingfisher was observed hovering, flapping wings like crazy to stay in the air and then it suddenly dove into the estuary and came up with a little fish. Hobbes wandered by totally oblivious to the goings on. Today was in-out in-out for our kitty and he is now, this evening, anchoring his basket after I moved him off my pile of fabrics!

We are adding a new experience to our adventures - an earthquake. Just before 8 pm tonight, we are both at our desks and the Schooner starts rocking. Wind had been known to give the RV movement, but this had a gentle rocking to it. About five or so rockings and then it stopped. Shortly after, as we are listening to the Oceanside Generals hockey game on the radio, the radio announcer comments on an earthquake on the west coast of the island. That rocking - was the aftershocks.