Come back here buddy     [Nov 24, 2022]

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Enough loading and unloading.

Surfside RV Resort, Parksville BC (2 stars)

Lee lets out a sigh. The slides have been scanned. There may be more in a box somewhere, but the majority have now been digitized.

Hobbes is in and out a lot. With the nicer weather he wanders further away. Today, Lee had to wander down and bring him back from about eight sites away. And of course when Lee approaches him, he gives that little meow which says - I'm tired. Please carry me back.

Finally, our first coffee at Bradley's. Quilter friend Chris and I spent just about every Wednesday morning at the bistro, catching up on our worlds. Today was our first opportunity at Bradley's - as their owner was in a car accident. Last coffee two weeks ago was moved to another coffee shop. There are others who are working at the moment, and it was great to to have our regular catch-up.

Spent more time sewing up the leftover strips of fabrics, making small squares and sewing them together in rows. One cushion top is now done.