Elbow grease saves the bucks     [Oct 31, 2022]

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Slicing and patching the water hose.

Surfside RV Resort, Parksville BC (2 stars)

Lee explains that RVs use a heated water hose in the winter so the fresh water supply does not freeze. This type of hose is essentially a normal fresh water hose running through a plastic sheath along with a heated cord. This works great until the hose contracts pin holes. They are tough to fix because they are inside the sheath. Plus, the water hose is 27 bucks but a complete heated hose of the same length is almost 300 bucks. Yikes. Well, labour is free, so Lee with Lez's help cut open the sheath, replaced the water hose, taped it all back up and came up with a heated water hose with no leaks. All told about 60 bucks instead of 300.

We are now comfortable letting Hobbes out the door, and then popping out to check him from time to time. He does not wander far, stays back from the edge of the estuary, and drinks the fresh rain water from the rain. After a short wander, he comes back inside, sits by the kitchen table and waits for some treats. I really think he just goes out for short time just so he can have more treats. The weather was perfect for us to work outside to prepare for hoses that won't freeze. It may or may not get that cold here, but it can.