Stuff the truck full     [Oct 23, 2022]

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The Schooner is a whole lot lighter today.

Surfside RV Resort, Parksville BC (2 stars)

Lez is getting ready to go to her Quadra Island retreat, so bags, boxes, totes and other stuff is moved from the Schooner into the back seat of Chuck. You can almost see the Schooner lifting up a bit while Chuck's rear tires are now hidden in the fenders. LOL

Pick and Pack, pick out which quilt projects you want to bring that are underway (we call it UFO - unfinished object).

Oh heck - pack them all, and instructions to finish, and extra fabric and scissors - both small and larger sheers, a cutting mat and rotary cutter (or two . oh don't forget that new extra blade) - and the rulers, and pins. And threads - better bring all 3 cases - you just never know which red is the right red - oh heck - pack all 6. Where's that other tote with wheels Ahh - fill it with the fabrics that just might be needed in those projects. Oh - where's the measuring tape

Now - jammies, comfy clothing, warm and comfy clothing, bedding - will I need one quilt or two I'm sure I have one more bag to carry stuff. Oops - need that toothbrush, et al.

Early to bed - 6 AM will come quickly. Yes, you read that right. Parksville Quilt House Quilt Guild quilting retreat on Quadra Island - another new adventure. I'll be sure to post a few gems on Facebook.