First day at Surfside     [Oct 15, 2021]

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We are back.

Map - Mountain Aire to Parksville

Surfside RV Resort, Parksville BC (2 stars)

A short hop from Ladysmith and Lee had Chuck and the Schooner in Surfside RV in Parksville. It was raining a bit, but it did not deter the reconnections with the Holdens and Atkinsons. The Schooner is settled in site 426.

Later, we headed over to mom's to visit with her and Ralph. We had a nice chili dinner and much conversation.

Lez is getting rather excited! Yes, we have only been on the road since leaving Port Ordze on the 6th, but I am ready to settle in to one stationary location for the "winter". Yes in quotes - as winter in Parksville is a far cry from winter in Edmonton. I am also looking forward to seeing mom and Ralph this evening and yes - real hugs will be shared! We'll hopefully be spending time with Ralph while we are here - and getting out with him too!

This winter we have plans for more recording of our photos and travels through the years, but also getting out and seeing some old haunts on the island, and checking out places we have always wanted to see but never got there. We will certainly not be wondering what to do next!

We received a great reception from the Atkinsons - pretty much taking off where we left off. No lack of conversation there! I realize just how much we missed a mutual sense of humour. Looking forward to being able to spend more time with all our neighbours. We will hopefully keep in touch with Elena and Helmut who have returned home to Germany.