We reach the Pacific Ocean     [Apr 20, 2023]

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Bouncing our way to Bella Pacifica RV Park.

Map - Parksville to Bella Pacifica RV Park near Tofino

Bella Pacifica RV Park, Tofino BC (1 star)

Lee says it can be scary preparing the Schooner for travel after six months. Did we pack everything well, have we tethered everything inside the Schooner so things will not fly all over the place during travel.

Well, things went pretty well under the circumstances. There are a few adjustments to be made, but nothing broke, so I guess that's good.

Let's talk about the circumstances. And oh boy, were there some. First, we ran into a snow storm west of Port Alberni. The pictures tell the story. Then there was the condition of the highway. Much has been made about the Kennedy Hill improvements (which are great), but the condition of the pavement prior to that left much to be desired.

The apex of the road conditions came in the last kilometer before the RV Park. This road is shared with Middle Beach Lodge where we have stayed a number of times. The MacKenzie Beach Road was then and is now a total piece of crap. The word potholes does not come close to describing the state of the road. Lee is sure that most of what was thrown around in the Schooner today happened on that road. Never mind the Schooner, we were thrown all around in Chuck, and that was with seat belts on.

Would it hurt to put down a few loads of gravel and maybe hire a grader for an hour or so

The bright side was seeing the powerful waves of the Pacific Ocean right from our site.

It was a gloomy cool/rainy day leaving Surfside. The packing chore came back quickly - what gets stored where. This time we leave room on the bedroom floor for a step for Hobbes to get onto the bed. His arthritis is getting worse, and he sleeps a lot more these days. When we travel, he is in the basket on the bed. That is the safest place because the basket doesn't slide off.

We made it to Bella Pacifica campground - in the forest across the road from the ocean. You can hear the surf roar from inside the RV. Or I could if I could get rid of this cold that has my ear pugged. It is getting better, but taking its time. I have prescription meds. I'm hoping it will be warm enough to open every window and vent and let ocean air through. I think the petri dish of an RV is the issue.

I will be sleeping lots - which is OK - it's been pouring rain since we left Surfside. Lee, bless his heart, had to do all the outside set up in pouring rain. (He does all the set up -but not often in rain!) I got the inside job of putting all sorts of items back into the cupboards - and they have NEVER come out after we put in the thick carboard sheets just before closing their doors. And items came off the walls that have never come off in this journey. The road in here is not pot holes, it's sink holes! Hobbes was VERY upset at the jostling when we finally docked.

Given this place is so popular I can understand the wear and tear, but I cannot understand why the holes are not filled and paved. It will receive a scathing reference. There is paved and there is THIS road. I'm disappointed and will wait to rate it until after we have seen what is here now. We are across the road, and a few steps down to be able to walk the beach - at low tide LOL. I do have rubber boots - and they will be used! There are rocks and seashells to observe.

Yes, it was different when we came through with the little Porsche many years ago - with a pup tent. Any bad memories have been lost in the beauty of the place.