Leaving Surfside     [Apr 30, 2021]

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On the road again.

Map - Parksville to Hope

Hope Valley RV Park, Hope BC (1 star)

Lee says - that was it. We said goodbye to the Germans Elena and Helmut, and long hugs for Ron and Cami. Then it was off to Duke Point for the ferry to Tsawwassen. Did we get everything stowed the way it should be Did we follow our pack up checklist It was fine. We had a very relaxing ferry crossing (very few people on the ferry) and a comfortable, but busy highway drive out into the Fraser Valley along with all the BCers commuting home on a Friday afternoon.

We stopped in Hope where we had stayed before. All in all, a good first day.

Lez is ready for more adventures: We stopped by mom's with the RV on our way out of Parksville - we will certainly miss the Sunday dinners - but she is all set up for our Sunday dinner conferencing with us wherever we are and with the kids in Edmonton too.

A quick stop in Abbotsford on our way to Hope, and a "stash" of Quilts of Valour fabrics were left with Carolyn - who was then texting her delight as she went through the package.

Hobbes and Lee wandered outside after dinner, and we are now all ready to call it a day. For a non-active day, we are going to sleep soundly!

A new chapter begins.