Driving the old island highway     [Nov 9, 2023]

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Better stay inside.

Surfside RV Resort, Parksville BC (2 stars)

Today is the beginning of a few days of rain, rain, rain. Lee has decided to focus on scanning old artifacts. Today the focus is on memorabilia from a few of our trips to the 24 Heures du Mans.

We did dash into Nanaimo to clear up the sewing machine issue. Seeing as we had been on the Mid-Island Highway three times already this week, Lee chose to drive home on the North-West Bay Road which winds its way through leafy properties along the shoreline. A nice alternative to the eighteen wheelers on the big highway.

Our dash to Nanaimo turned out to be a lesson on my sewing machine - which has been with me for years. My memory loss issues came forward as I did not remember how the bobbin fits in the machine. I was confusing (as I realized later) the bobbin holder in the mid-arm quilting machine thinking it was the one needed in the regular sewing machine. After various attempts at using the machine, I was able to sew the patches onto the inside of the blue jeans, with the stitching more or less blending into the fabric.

I now have another project, fortunately straight sewing, which may test some more memory needs in turning under the edges of the table runner. Wish me luck!