Here we sit in our tin can in the rain     [Nov 5, 2023]

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We snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.

Surfside RV Resort, Parksville BC (2 stars)

No, this is not a hockey phrase. When we started Wordle this morning we had three of the letters correct and in the correct position. Easy peasy, right. Nope. It took five tries to get the last two letters.

So, we are not really sitting in a tin can in the rain. It's mostly fibreglass and such and we are nice and toasty staying busy, music blaring, and a light drizzle outside. And even though it is overcast outside, our Schooner has so many windows that we don't have any lights on. It's a wonderful life.

Warm, dry, comfy, well fed, and chatting on social media. Re-connecting with a few folk from the past. It is a rainy day, ducks are happy - popping in and out of the water, pairing up, devouring whatever tasty grasses or such along the shoreline of the estuary we back on to. It is one of those days that we call "not fit for man nor beast" and the Mallards, all 40 of them, are paying no attention to the weather, and paddle past!

We lovingly refer to our home as the 'tin can' - because, well, it is! It's just on wheels, has been pulled over western Canada, yes north too, and still ready for the next docking. The rain today is encouraging our inside tasks, which I am ignoring. I will get to sweeping the floor. Catching up on the day-timers and diaries transcribing the notes from paper to backed up data files.

We watched a movie tonight, Horizontal Line. Intense and very good. No well-known actors, but very well cast.