We move in for the fourth time     [Oct 13, 2023]

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Back on the estuary.

Surfside RV Resort, Parksville BC (2 stars)

Today is the day we move into Surfside. It took all of ten minutes and two kilometers to drive over. We were soon backed into the usual spot on the estuary.

It didn't take long for hellos and hugs to break out from our neighbours. A very welcoming time.

Soon we were all set up for the winter. A few things still to do, but we are essentially settled. Even Chuck feels better - Lee took all memorabilia boxes out of the back seat and stored them in the shed.

Oh the places we have been,
And the sights that we have seen.

A docking pad is ready,
and the Schooner will soon be steady.

Surfside is home once again,
Hoping to settle in before the rain.

A short sea wall walk before it gets dark,
The ocean breeze cool, quiet in the park.

Chef Lee's tasty meal, another tasty best,
We toast our journey's rest.