A scene out of Christmas Vacation     [Dec 22, 2022]

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The frozen hose woes.

Surfside RV Resort, Parksville BC (2 stars)

Lee says, so we have a heated water hose, but our sewer hose is, well, just a long length of thin plastic. He goes out today to empty the black tank and nothing moves through. A little gentle shaking on the hose (over ten feet long) determines it is frozen solid in some places. The only liquid that runs through it between tank flushes is the kitchen sink drain, so at least it is not, you know, that other stuff.

I know what you are thinking. That scene from the Christmas Vacation movie where cousin Eddie is standing by the street sewer, dressed in his housecoat, smoking a cigar and emptying his RV tank. "Shitter was full". No, no, no. Lee empties it regularly and we are nowhere near full. Let's wait until Saturday when the temperature will be +8 and nature will deal with this little problem.

Ahh yes, Christmas Vacation - our old Christmas must watch movie. I think our family could quote every line in the movie.

Snow continued to fall lightly today, and we went for a wee walk. Ok, we took the kitchen garbage bag to the resort garbage bins. But we did bundle up and got a wee bit of fresh air. Winds were not strong, and the trek is not far. On the way back we got pictures of two eagles in the big tree we pass. They were very still, but I'm sure their eyes were on us the whole time.

After that I stayed inside and got photos of the author of the hose woes prose!

Looking forward to the plus temperatures we are being promised.