Family and friend get-together     [Dec 21, 2022]

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Having fun with Phoebe.

Surfside RV Resort, Parksville BC (2 stars)

We had a great time at Heb and Jan's place for snacks and wine. Ralph's friend Simona finally managed to arrive in Vancouver from Romania and Ralph had her over to the island on an early ferry. She joined us to give us the details of her long journey.

We had a hoot playing with Irwin's brown lab Phoebe. What a great dog!

A great visit with cousin Herb and wife Jan. We picked up mom and headed over to their place - roads were snowy but it is not a long drive. LOL nothing in Parksvile is a long drive. Bro Ralph and Simona arrived right behind and mayhem ensued as Phoebe was so excited to have more people to get doggy hugs from. Jan has her very trained with hand commands and some verbal instructions. Phoebe still has some growing and maturing, but she will be a great companion for them.

It was interesting to hear about life in Romania and eastern Europe. It has triggered the desire to see Europe one more time.