A tractor in my sights     [Dec 19, 2022]

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Nope, not going out.

Surfside RV Resort, Parksville BC (2 stars)

Sure, Chuck has four wheel drive. But most of the elderly retirees in Parksville do not and they are all out headed for Thrifty Foods to get some more Omega 3 eggs and organic artichokes. I'm staying off the roads.

On a lighter note, the Surfside maintenance dude uses a John Deere tractor , with blade, to clear our roads. Same model tractor I used at Port Ordze. He goes back and forth along the road in front of us moving snow to the side. I'm tempted to go out and ask if I can do it for a while. I love riding those JDs.

LOLOL dear - I think you may have been a farmer in a former life! You love it out at Ordze, just like you loved heading out to Alf and Ann's farm north of Regina a lifetime ago. You bundle up and attack whatever is needed outdoors in whatever the weather throws at us!

The grocery stores are not very busy - most folk are sticking closer to home. The roads are what the folk that live here remind them of their past homes in other places in Canada that deal with this snow for months which is why they moved out here!

We are comfortably hunkered in the RV, Lee working at his computer, me working at my sewing machine, CD's blaring. We are snuggled in at home.