Gotta find that scraper     [Nov 27, 2022]

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Frost on the truck.

Surfside RV Resort, Parksville BC (2 stars)

The amount of water that flows in and out of estuary twice a day,more or less, is still amazing. At high tide, most of the land behind us becomes a big lake.

Another stroll along the boardwalk, this time to the far end from our gated entrance to the Parksville beach, park and boardwalk. Blue skies background quickly change as the clouds come over the mountains on the island. The rose bushes are budding - yes, and the multi coloured oak leaves have fallen everywhere. Winter weather, as much as Parksville gets, will soon be upon us. Frost on Chuck shares just how cold it got just before dawn. A little Ruby Throated Hummingbird has come back to the RV's.

The fabric calls and I continue making little squares of fabric that will become a quilt or maybe even a new seat cushion cover.