First place win     [Nov 26, 2022]

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Best buddy photos.

Surfside RV Resort, Parksville BC (2 stars)

I don't mind admitting it, Hobbes looks great when posing in the sunset light. So photogenic.

We were entertained by a first place hockey battle tonight at the Howie Meeker arena against the Campbell River Storm. We prevailed again - what a great Generals team we have at the moment.

LOL. So I pick up Hobbes to give him a cuddle and pose too - he truly does not put up with the mom hugs. Put meow down.

A stroll along the sea wall was in order today, a reminder we had not taken such a wander for several days. The tide was coming in, slowly covering the boulders that are climbable at low tide. White caps on the horizon, but fairly calm waters on shore. A peaceful day.

Fabric leftovers from a past quilt project were brought out yesterday, and I have started putting together new blocks that can be made into something.