Pea soup weather     [Nov 16, 2022]

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It's chattering in here, but not due to the cold.

Surfside RV Resort, Parksville BC (2 stars)

Early this morning we started hearing a chattering noise coming from our furnace thermostat. And, it would not stop the blower at the end of a heating cycle.

OK, let's see about a new thermostat. Lee drives to every RV dealer in the area with no luck. He then contacts a mobile RV repair guy recommended by our neighbours. We agree to monitor it and call him back if needed. Naturally it behaves fine for the rest of the day, until midnight when the chattering starts up again. We spend the night with only the electric fireplace running, which turns out to be quite comfortable in plus two temperatures.

Well nothing like going to bed at an ungodly hour because we watched a movie double header night starting later than usual. Yup 5 a.m. the control unit/thermostat clicks away and we are awake!

Our view out the back window for the past few days has been a pea soup fog. At some points Shelly park views out the back window are a blank grey view from just past the waterway behind the Schooner.