Hey, I'll take that desk     [Nov 15, 2022]

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Leave a little, take a little.

Surfside RV Resort, Parksville BC (2 stars)

So, there we were, waiting for the local re-use store to re-open for donations, when Lez suggested we go in and kill some waiting time. We were there to donate our two rocking chairs deemed too uncomfortable to use in the Schooner. Well, what do we see in the store but a small desk almost identical to what Lee had designed.

Sold! Took the desk and a small table home and promptly drove into Nanaimo to return the supplies for the desk Lee would no longer build.

Never shop for something without checking the re-use stores or the returns section of a store first. It is amazing what you can find - brand new and discounted! Mom taught me that back in about the Grade 7 days when looking in the Eaton's catalogue and found a coat/skirt/pants outfit that was exactly what I wanted. So off we went to their returns department to check for the items before ordering out of their catalogue. There was the jacket and skirt - and discounted. I walked out, one happy teen with what she wanted.

Taking the re-used and the in-great-condition desk and side table (a piano bench, same colour) without taking measurements was an opportunity we could not overlook. Lee has moved into the new furniture - and I see the scanner has already found it's place as it fits the piano bench perfectly!

I picked up a couple of loose cushions that will fit our chairs after re-covering with some conveniently stored leftover quilt project fabrics.