Many rolls of electrician's tape     [Nov 2, 2022]

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Eagles and colourful trees.

Surfside RV Resort, Parksville BC (2 stars)

Lee spent most of the day outside doing chores and staying one step ahead of the rain forecast for tomorrow. First, re-silicone the top of the back window. Then, wrap the entire heated hose in black tape to make sure the water hose inside would be nice and toasty for the winter.

Chores and photo catch-up. I started out the day with adding more pictures to our collection. The estuary was busy with the usual birds - eagle, heron, gulls, humming birds, ducks and geese.

Today the seal came through and salmon were surfacing. More pictures taken. We went for a short walk - LOL - taking the garbage to the refuse bins, and on the way back noticed a few salmon at the entrance end of the estuary. The water is actually quite clear. Where's the camera when I could use it. The reds and golds on the trees are now quite rich in the sunlight. We did capture those "on film". Boy, if we were still in the film and photos days we would have blown the budget in the first year of these travels! Winds were light, but very cold all the same. Winter is truly on its way.