No blood was spilled     [Nov 1, 2022]

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Hobbes goes for a peticure.

Surfside RV Resort, Parksville BC (2 stars)

Lee says - it's like a pedicure, except it's for cats and is performed by Lez while Lee tries desperately to hold in his head and the other three paws. Luckily, no scratches and no blood. And he seems no worse for the wear.

Lee and Lez love to watch live hockey. We have done so over 50 years watching the Regina Pats, Edmonton Oilers, and Edmonton Oil Kings. Now they are enjoying the Oceanside Generals. Of course it doesn't hurt if you are watching the best team in the league, the top scorer in the league and the top scoring defenceman, who just happens to be Brady Van Herk. Yup, those are the grandparents, parents and siblings who we sit with at the games. Lots of fun and very entertaining.

It was a much tighter game tonight. The Generals won 5-1 and outshot the Buccaneers 48-13. The league's top scorer, Carter Johnson, got a hat trick and Brady scored another goal. Tighter, yup. The Generals beat the Buccaneers 9-1 two days ago.

It's starting out as a beauty sunny day, the sun warm on the face. The temperatures however do not reflect that warmth as it is. My man has already been off to the hardware store for supplies. He is changing out the pieces of edging along the steps up to the bedroom - and wow does that make a great difference in their look. The edging is also a little wider and I think they will give our feet a better grip on the steps.

As I type away and catch up on a few days of blog, Lee is busy outside working on slides and other chores. The bread maker is cooking up a loaf and the place smells delicious.

We once again sat beside the van Herk family, sharing lots of laughs and cheers as "their" hockey player Brady van Herk, a 6 ft 4 Defenceman with 6 goals and 14 assists is credited with the game winning goal against Nanaimo this evening. A very short drive home after the game, and we settled in.

As we often do, we ended our evening with a couple of movies.