All eyes on the estuary     [Oct 22, 2022]

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Lez caught a salmon.

Surfside RV Resort, Parksville BC (2 stars)

No really, Lez caught a salmon - on her camera. There have been salmon in the estuary and they occasionally jump right out of the water and back in with a loud splash. The trick is to have the camera ready.

We actually had some more rain today - not a lot, but every drop is appreciated. Before it decided to cloud over and rain a little, we walked up the hill to get a few groceries. The soccer fields were packed as the youngsters played their best and the proud moms and dads cheered them on. There were kites flying today too, as the breeze was a little brisk but cool. The RV warmed up quickly though, as the sun shone brightly for the rest of the day. Lee finished up the slide out covers with turn buckles. One more item off his to-do list.

We wandered over to Cami and Ron's to catch up on life - and were entertained with salmon jumping out of the water - over and over. Cameras clicked, but we got more ripples in the water than actual salmon jumping. In the end, 20 photos taken and I was able capture one good photo of a salmon jump.

Our evening was quiet - with Lee bar-b-queing kabobs we bought this morning, and rounding out dinner with pasta and wine. Now updating blogs and catching up on the computer after a walk to take the garbage out.