No kidding, it's raining     [Oct 21, 2022]

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Poopy weather as promised, but needed.

Surfside RV Resort, Parksville BC (2 stars)

Sure enough, we got up to a gentle rain. This is the first time they have had rain here since July, so we are told. Everything is bone dry and Lee is not sure how this little sprinkle will help. But, there is more rain in the forecast for next week.

There was a Blue Heron sitting right across the channel from our RV. Using the long lens, Lee got a closeup of his chest. Such nice colours in the feathers.

Another win for the Generals tonight with Brady Van Herk getting four points. Too bad his mother and grandparents were not there in person to see it. They are sick at home.

We are having fun watching the Generals coach behind the bench. He is very vocal and animated, none of which we can understand. Part of the entertainment.

With the drizzly weather today, we are hunkered inside and catching up on computer related stuff.

The geese are still gathering on the Parksville field of green grass. The rain does not bother them, of course. There is absolutely no wind at the moment, and peaceful. Not a lot of traffic coming through - almost everyone driving into the RV area drives past us, so it is quite quiet.

We'll be off to a Generals hockey game tonight. I am wearing my Edmonton Oil Kings jersey to the games, and picked up a new Generals logo sticker to add to the front of the jersey. Forever loyal to the Oil Kings, and stll loving watching live hockey - at any divisional level.