Victoria to Parksville (Oct 23, 2020)

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The Schooner has docked for the winter.

Lee could tell at dawn that Lez was anxious to get going to Parksville, to see her mom and get the Schooner settled. Always a late riser, she was first in the shower and then making breakfast. Before Lee had finished his, Lez was already stowing things away. It was a rainy but uneventful drive to Parksville. First stop was to show mom what the Schooner looks like when the slides are in because she would likely not see it that way for some time. Then we went down to Surfside, signed in, got our instructions and paperwork. After some backing and forthing, the Schooner was docked how we wanted it. Lee then finished the setup in cold, windy, rainy conditions. Lez turned on the heating system while she unpacked inside. Soon we werer cozy and followed it with a nice warm supper. We were settled.

Lez moaned: It's pouring rain!!!! Welcome to the island - guess I better buy a rain coat and galoshes. Threats the night before of snow were just that. Even the Malahat was just wet. Yes, mom will likely never see the Schooner with the slides in! When we do head out in April - we will have said our farewell's the night before. Looking forward to having mom out here for a bar-b-que. It didn't take us long to settle in - a typical end of a travel day. Hard to believe those are now a non-issue for the next 5 months!!! (With a possible exception if we decide to check out Tofino for a few days). Yes, I had that heating system roaring!!! Ready for the Parksville winter adventures.