Sooke (Oct 22, 2020)

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Authentic fish and uneven floors.

We decided to visit Sooke today. First up after getting some local advice at the Information Centre was the Salmon Recovery Centre. Unfortunately, the salmon run is pretty much over in the Sooke River. We took some great photos all the same. Returning to Sooke we soon discovered that there are few places to eat. We walked part of the Whiffin Spit (with seals bellowing in the water) and then returned up the highway to the historic 17 Mile House pub for lunch. Watch the floors because they are uneven due to its age. Great lunch. Then it was a stop for groceries and back to home. Once settled, Lee went out to wait for Harbour Air to pass by on final to land in the Inner Harbour. Got some great shots of that.

Lez has slowed right down: What a calm day - and I don't mean the weather. The rocky terrain, thick forest coverage - with the thousands of greens and fall oranges and reds - very untouched by man, brought us to the region of Sooke BC, a very laid back community. Forest photos outnumber the Harbour Air ones!! We managed to remain distanced from others, but there were a lot of vehicles parked wherever we went! Speaking of parking, few pickups out here compared to Alberta and parking spots reflect that!! The salmon interpretive centre is an initiative of The Juan de Fuca Salmon Restoration Society. It will be worth visiting when the Covid restrictions are removed.