West Block Back Country Loop (Sep 18, 2020)

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Too big, too wide, too real.

After breakfast, it was off to explore the Back Country Loop in the West Block. Once we got about half way through, the canyon and coulee images reminded us of those we saw in Utah. There is just so much country out there. We saw a herd of antelope racing off into the coulee and spent some time sitting in the red chairs that the National Parks are known for. Nothing but wide open land right up to the US border. And then more prairie dog towns on the way back to the Schooner.

Lez adds with a sigh and a smile: We took so many more inspiring pics today, just amazing country. I just WOW’d all day, even with the smoky air, the colours are yellowing even more, and reds, and oranges. My mind is doing a fizzle! pop! pop! at every bend in the road. Today we saw a hawk on the side of the road and as it rose, a long dangly thing went with it, it had caught a snake!!! Too fast to react to grab the camera! We had lunch on the tailgate again today, with the world at our feet, the vistas forever in all directions. I was one with the bugs today too. Had a grasshopper on my hand with the brightest red wings as he flew away, and then a ladybug landed on my shirt! Yesterday I had a bee land on the back of my hand. Just sat there til I blew it off. Wish I could have caught the grasshopper in flight but it was just too quick a take-off for me to be prepared! Maybe in the next couple of days at the east side of Grasslands!