Eagle Butte Trail (Sep 17, 2020)

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Caught between a rock and a harsh place.

What an amazing day to see nature. It may seem barren and rocky, but there is a tremendous beauty. The Frenchman River valley and the prairie dogs, coyotes, burrowing owl and bison. After walking the Eagle Butte Trail we drove the EcoTour road through the park. We must have stopped every five minutes to take photos. As we returned to the Schooner at supper time, we were bushed. But, also excited to see the day's photography results.

Lez is not going to complain about sore feet!!!! Yes the smoke held off until later on in the afternoon. Besides the wildlife, pictures included us hamming it up with those huge rolls of straw! We picnic'd lunch on Chuck's tailgate and then used the photo timer with the camera on the tail gate to get a picture of the two of us leaning on one of those bales - they are 6ft high !! WOW! 276 photos later, including old detereorating homesteads and one very old beat up car! Oh don't forget the antelope and that photo Lee took of the sun getting caught in the branches of the tree!!!