Prairie Railway (Sep 6, 2020)

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We gotta move.

We decided to stay in Stettler one more day. However, the spot we were in appears to be taken for tonight, based on the online reservation system. So, we reserved a close spot, packed up (sort of) and moved about 25 feet. That backing up the 38 foot Schooner is getting better and better. In the afternoon Lee got a call from a man in Pambrun who knows the area well and is even aware of Murdoch McLeod and his homestead. He has promised to take us to that homestead when we visit there again in about two weeks.

Lez notes: I am ready to move on. Stettler has been a good host - but now need to see more. A grey day encouraged catching up with editing photos and an evening walk with The Man, who then convinced Hobbes to go for a "walk" in the misty weather. They were not gone long! We are comfortably ensconced in the Schooner, fireplace heat, CD playing classic rock, and the skies have darkened. Time to close up curtains and make an evening coffee. Some rituals travel well!