Stettler Museum and Pioneer Village (Sep 5, 2020)

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Burroughs still in our lives.

We spent a lazy morning in the Schooner. After lunch we walked over to the Stettler Museum and Pioneer Village. They have a huge amount of historical artifacts. Lez found that some items had been donated by Marg O'Hara's parents. On the second floor of the old train station, Lee spotted an almost 100 year old Burroughs Accounting machine. It brought back memories given the number of Burroughs L, TC and B series computers for which we developed software in the 70's and 80's. We walked back, had a BBQ steak supper and settled in for the night.

Lez adds: What a trip back in time! The Museum has recorded all of the items there - photos, who donated, what it is, what its size is, condition - the whole works. I asked if the Starling family had donated and out came 4 index cards and a section of a binder of sheets of info! I wish I had asked earlier in the visit, because i could have take a few pics for Marj to show her where their items are now being visually shared. The museum site has everything from the huge combines, to firetrucks, to collectables like toys, books, dolls. Old clothing, patterns, sewing machines, quilts. School houses, grain mills, train station (the Burroughs bookkeeping machine), a rail caboose, a barn, the printing shop, old "grocery" stores filled will old items. We spent two and a half hours walking around the 10 acres and not getting into all 26 structures! Social distancing is skillfully encouraged - we carry an orange "bauble" on a bungy style cord - and hang it on the door of a building we go into, to indicate someone is in it. If you come across a building with the bauble on the door knob - move on to another building!