Supplies in Edmonton (Sep 1, 2020)

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Another pail bites the dust.

The re-organization finished today with the final part, Chuck's box and tool chest. Lee then cleaned the tar off the front of the Schooner. Then it was off to town for chores. Upon returning, Lee realized he had left the pail, sponge and tar remover on the back bumper of Chuck. Well, they're gone in the wind just like the first blue pail. Oh well, that pales in comparison to losing something valuable!

Lez muses: Two pails down, 1 to go. Three got us ready, soon we'll have no mo'! I pulled out the sewing machine - I have a smaller placemat I would like to finish. When Alec was out we went through a lot of our pictures - and he has a love of the prairie skies and the closeups of flowers/or objects where the background is totally out of focus. I spent quite some time this evening putting a bunch of pictures on a thumbdrive LOL - shaped like a Lego piece of course! We have 2162 un-edited photos in the "library" - several are two or three of the same thing, so a little editing needed.