Glowing Embers RV Park (Sep 2, 2020)

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We've been buffalo'd

We started the day with a visit to Safety Direct where Lee is doing some software development work for Carolyn and Brett. We then ran some chores, including a stop at Buffalo Valley Meats. To our surprise the shop has been sold to a St. Albert shop and the location is under renovations. Luckily we were able to get some bison at Ben's Meats. Once home, we noticed our old red pail (sans handle) sitting on our picnic table. The neighbour had found it on the road outside the campground. Wow, it stayed on the back of truck that long (and over four speed bumps). Then Lee did a sewer tank run several times (the hose is 10 feet too short to hook up) between the Schooner and the sewer pipe. Unfortunately, the dog next door bit Lee on the leg while doing this. Lez, the nurse, bandaged it up and all was well.

Lez snarls: Nav systems! Arggghh! It took a half hour to figure out what buttons to push to make the map come up, and I never did get the lady to verbally give directions. But as convoluted as the directions were, if I had paid attention to the actual map it would have been Broadmore to Wye to Ridgemont Cr. How simple it could have been. Sweetcheeks had me going thru lefts and rights in the "burbs" to suddenly come upon .. detour! road re-paving - now trying to determine where to go. Nav system not cooperating - & glasses off to read the console and then back on to read the street signs! This is not going well. However, I found Lois's place and dropped off the quilt blocks. After lunch with Carolyn & Brett, we both bought new blue jeans, and picked up one new pail. Upon return to the Schooner, guess what our neighbour found!