Great Sand Hills (Aug 23, 2020)

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Where's the food truck?

We headed out for the Great Sand Hills after breakfast. Along the way, we managed to take some antelope photos. We arrived at the designated parking lot to find it was just about full. People were taking all sort of things with them to use as slides down the sand dune slope. As we inspected the cowboy boot commemoration we noticed more cars arriving. It was a different feel than when we were there by ourselves many yesrs ago. The only thing missing was the food truck. We left via the north route and ate ourt lunch in the Spectre campground. Then we drove highway 21 back to the Maple Creek junction. Lee decided to fill Chuck with fuel since it was an Esso station, but little else resembled an Esso station. Things are definitely slow and decaying around these parts. After supper, we took our bicycles for a spin around the campground. Just a few daily RV'ers had shown up. It is eerily quiet as we settle in for the night.

Lez Grins: I got to the blog before "the Man"! Last night Lee got a great firepit going and we were all ready for marshmallows and enjoying. A neighbour quickly came over and pointed out we are in a fire ban area! *sigh* So we enjoyed our coffee and hot chocolate under the stars. OH MY!!! the Milky Way was soooo incredible. So many stars you could hardly see the constellations!