Douglas Provincial Park (Aug 19, 2020)

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101 Dalmation Aspen trees.

This was a day poking in the countryside around Central Butte. First up was Riverhurst, the ferry and Palliser Regional Park. In Riverhurst we photo'd the Sask. Wheat Pool elevator, which is standing but in rough shape. At the ferry, we took some nice photos of the eroding shoreline bluffs and at the park we wandered along the water. There was even a pelican on the lake. We returned to Central Butte to check on Hobbes (we had left the air conditioner on for him) and then had lunch in town. After that, we headed for Douglas Provincial Park. It was busy, especially on the small beach. As we were leaving, we caught some great stands of aspen. We started our return trek by going via Tugaske. Not only did we see a lot of farmers harvesting but also some nice metal artwork along the side of the road. Into the evening, the temperature dropped and we were able to sit outside to enjoy BBQ smokies and entertainment provided by many birds around the campsite and Hobbes on the leash.

Lez exclaims: Crickets! I missed the sound of crickets - and now am hearing them constantly. But it is music to my ears. I also determined today that is it the wide open spaces of the prairie that I truly love, not the scrubby sage coulees or trees or forests or mountains! Yes, they are beautiful - but the golden grain, blue skies forever - that is deep home. Over the past couple of days we have seen more old old barns and homes that have been left to rot. away. Whole towns basically gone. The past fades. But the larger fields of grain and equipment to harvest are out in full force at the moment. The hot weather is cooperating. Life on the prairies, dependent upon the weather, but geared up to get that harvest off quickly.