White City to Central Butte (Aug 18, 2020)

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Well, the air conditioner works.

Lazy, lazy morning. Most other sites had cleared out by the time we got out of bed. Lazy breakfast and then time to leave, via the Co-op for propane. Stopped in Moose Jaw to see the big moose and the Tudor jet on a display pole. Then we headed north west. We stopped in Brownlee to visit a distillery. They are in the old curling rink, which they bought for a dollar! They make all sorts of spirits, with vodka being their specialty. Bought a bottle of their pink vodka lemonade. We then finished off in Central Butte at the campground. We turned on the air conditioning right away, but forgot to turn off the 120V water heater. Blew the breaker. Luckily we are the only ones in the campground, so we plugged into the next site over. Later, we set up outside and had a cheese fondue. We could hear coyotes in the distance as the evening progressed.

Lez smiles: The young people working the distillery are so full of adventure and life - and gives one the satisfied feeling that we will be in good hands with that new generation. There are so many birds at this campsite! I photo'd doves, swallows, robins, a yellow warbler, a flicker (which one not sure) and either a tree swallow or house martin. Peaceful - not quiet - but peaceful.