The third day at Rockin the Fields of Minnedosa     [Jul 30, 2022]

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Rockin' the Fields, Minnedosa MB

Lee has discovered that the area in front of the stage has gone muddy, plus Lez would like to sit for a while, so we are in the bleachers which are actually quite comfortable.

Tonight we enjoyed Finger 11, Big Wreck and Our Lady Peace. The latter was quite a wonderful surprise, as we had not paid attention to them in the past. They put on a great show.

Right after the last set, we headed over to the smaller stage to hear Snake Oil and see Tim Sutton, formerly of Streetheart. It started to rain and there was lightning all around. Luckily we had a few minutes with Tim backstage before he was scheduled to play. We decided to head back to the Schooner in the rain but we could hear Snake Oil start their set in the background.

We got back home slightly wet, but managed an early morning bite and glass of wine before hitting the sack.

Are we old rock and rollers What gives it away! We had quite a panorama view of the stage from the bleachers, and the long lens was able to snag great photos. The sound system out on the prairie grounds was just fantastic! Sitting way back was no issue. It actually gave us an opportunity to catch some neat photos of the stage lighting and the moths flying around the lights.

The bands were great to see - bands I was not really familiar with and were great to hear and come to realize that I have been listening to them on the radio for years!

It was great to see Tim again - it's been too long. Rain does not stop the hearty souls who love their rock and roll - whether playing or enjoying the bands. It is hard to describe the joy and enjoyment of the live music, the interaction between band members and the fans who are right out front.

I guess we were a little wet upon arrival at the RV - but who cared! The fireplace dried out the hoodies in short order.