The first day at Rockin the Fields of Minnedosa     [Jul 28, 2022]

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In the grass field on arrival day
Rockin' the Fields, Minnedosa MB

Lee is confident we are all loaded up with supplies and ready to dry camp for four days. We head off to Rockin' the Fields of Minnedosa just north of the town.

Lee observes that as we approach, it brings back memories of the Rockin' the Rivers Music Festival in Three Forks Montana and of the 24 Hours of Le Mans in France. A landscape of RVs and tents in a grassy field.

We are soon settled into the area of the fields called 'Big Rigs' after determining that our assigned spot would be too small for Chuck and the Schooner.

Later in the day, we head over to check out the two music stages. Getting there is a bit of walk; thinking of Three Forks and Le Mans some more.

These shoes were meant for walkin' and that's just what their doin! It's a bit of a hike from our cmping spot to the stage, and then a lot of standing - as in 6 hours. Tired feet, tired legs, a mind lost in yesteryears of the Rock and Roll that we grew up with as teenagers. Now Septuagenarians (I had to look up the spelling and really had it wrong!) we are re-living the era of that music - our CD's, the classic rock radio stations, and the outdoor concerts and events. We have been blessed with great weather - lots of sun, more cloud cover expected over the next couple of days. Hobbes is cool in the RV which is good. The wind and air flow thru the unit does keep the temps down.

We are making it through with rashions LOL - when that grocery store is nowhere near, you do become selective on what and how much is used. We'll be just fine!