We were in Holland today     [Jul 27, 2022]

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It was a hop, skip and jump to Brandon
Meadowlark Campground, Brandon MB

Lee concludes that today's drive included at least one hop, one skip and one jump. The road conditions on Highway 34 were absolutely terrible and parts of highway 2 weren't much better.

But we did have a laugh and a surprise when we reached Holland, Manitoba. A laugh of course because Lee was born in the province of South Holland in the Netherlands and surprise because the town has a small windmill as a tourist attraction. Lez did not like the wooden signboard tulips, however.

A few more bumps and we were in Brandon, getting ready to head up to the Rocking the Fields music festival in Minnedosa tomorrow. We will need enough of everything because there are no services of any kind for four days.

Lez snorts - hop skip and jump turned the inside of the RV into a fling and toss equivalent of a pillow fight. A cupboard that has NEVER opened during travel did so, fortunately mostly books hit the floor. The photo shares the sight that greeted us. Fortunately Hobbes, very vocal, was safe and sound in his basket centered on the bed, away from the mayhem.

Manitoba - you really need to repave these highways. Even the cobble stone roadways in the Netherlands ride smoother than these.

We are safely ensconced at the Meadowlark Campground outside Brandon MB and it is lovely. We have all our services, feels good to have WIFI again. It may not be true camping, but that's what keeps us able to share our adventures!

Once we reach Minnedosa tomorrow, we could (will) be without communication until later in the day on Monday! I see the site has an ATM machine - so maybe, there will be WIFI and cell phone service.

OK we have our generators which may be put to use to at least use our computers and charge our phones.

We'll keep filling the blog and will share when we have WIFI ! Have a safe long weekend!