Overtime joy     [Jun 22, 2022]

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Rain keeps us inside
Port Ordze, Sherwood Park AB

Lee re-iterates that RVs are generally assembled by grade one drop-outs with little knowledge of construction or carpentry. The way the bed frame is assembled is an absolute piece of crap. But I digress. We are now ready to lay down the laminate flooring in the bedroom, where some of it will go under the bed frame so the slide can work properly.

What a great end to the day via the TSN streaming service we bought. The Oil Kings won in overtime to remain in the running. One can only speculate how things might have ended up in the first two games if Dylan Guenther was not out with an injury since the Seattle series.

Yes, kept inside - but what another successful day of removing more carpet - the stairs and hall and bedroom are now carpet free. RV's are not built with any pride in their work, but I guess, it is just an RV. We had a look at the workings under the bed on the slide out - very interesting and simple. No, I forgot to take pictures.

We ended our afternoon with a great pizza from Roma Donair where we usually get a donair. Their meat flavouring is the best we have ever had, their Donairs the best we have been able to find. Working on the flooring today, we decided to try the pizza. Just as good! Decisions decisions. THEN. Our Oil Kings won their 2nd game in the round robin of the Memorial Cup.