Spitting staples     [Jun 21, 2022]

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How many staples did they use
Port Ordze, Sherwood Park AB

After Lez went to her sew day, Lee moved everything back onto the main slide. He then moved on to remove the carpet from the stairs. What a time consuming and frustrating job that was. In one case, they built a stair tread right on top of the carpet from the lower tread. Unbelievable.

What a great day at Ev's for sewing. LOL - a wee challenge parking - street parking was blocked - new sidewalks are being done. So Chuck had to squeeze into the parking lot out front - I guess there are never guests who come to visit with their one ton long box. I brought in the rear view mirrors to give a bit of room for the cars beside me. Fortunately when I left, the moving truck that blocked the entrance had left (otherwise it would have been a very tricky backing out of the lot).

It is always great to sew with Ev's condo neighbours. They are mostly military wives or military themselves. They know moving and have lived across Canada and overseas. The stories they share! The wisdom they offer! It is a day of laughter and chatter and sharing. I will miss them until next spring.

With Covid restrictions lifting I may just have to initiate a sew day at Surfside!