Looping Cranberry Marsh     [May 20, 2022]

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Picnic in the forest
Irvins RV Park, Valemount BC

Lee convinced Lez to hike the full loop around Cranberry Marsh. We went from slight drizzling rain to full sunshine. It was 5.7 km around and we were worn out at the end, but felt really good at what we had seen, heard and smelled. About halfway, we needed to stop for a rest and eat lunch. Lee found two recently cut log stumps and we made impromptu stools. In all it took us about four hours to complete the loop.

The day ended pretty well, too. Both the Oil Kings and Oilers won their play-off games.

We couldn't resist the call of the Cranberry Marsh, and headed out with our jackets and umbrellas, and lunch in the backpack that Lee wore. Yes, there was a light rain to start with, but we just raised our jacket hoods and headed out anyway. The fine rain did not last long, but we were sure there would be more as we could see the mountains around were getting the rain. Never say never. The sun did come out and we soon tied our jackets around our waists. A super beauty day, with tons of photos (I believe before the cull it was 137 pics in total). It's hard to choose which vista pics to post. Wildlife was only the birds, and they were singing and chirping us along.

I found it very hard on the feet near the end, and was relieved to take off the hiking boots. They did save my feet from getting wet at a few spots near the end of the trail though! The 4 hours felt longer than that but the the path was fairly flat. Oh - we also climbed the lookout towers, one of them twice (got rain pics first time, sun pics 2nd time) - so add 36 x 3 stairs to the day's count. We don't have or use the step counter devices - we just go.

Oh, I also made the big sacrifice LOLOL - I had to pass on spending the day with the Edmonton Guild's Zoom sew day! Life is tough.