Warblers and grouse     [May 19, 2022]

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Cranberry marsh
Irvins RV Park, Valemount BC

Lee admits he is not the birder in the family, but he got lucky today as we hiked the Cranberry Marsh and a nearby new home development. He managed a good shot of a Ruffed Grouse and a Yellow-rumped Warbler.

For a forecasted rainy day, it was very nice out there with even some sunshine. We also visited the building of our friend Ted's son's new house. There is lots of new construction in Valemount.

A sunshine wakeup call - not to be repeated this cloudy morning! Phew! I would hate to spoil a reputation of sleeping away half the morning on many days.

Our campsite is in a very open spaced area - no forest or fences between the sites. However power, water, sewer and PULL-THRU! Love not having to be "marshalling" the Man and the Schooner into its designated spot. Somedays I feel like I need the handheld illuminated beacons (marshalling wands). LOL I do use the crossing of forearms to signal the Man to stop - along with sometimes yelling!

We went into Valemount today for a hike along the boardwalk at the Cranberry Marsh Trail and then into town for a few groceries and a refill on our "Growler" (64 oz/2L) beer). Hey! Summer's coming!