Valemount and the snow-covered mountains     [May 17, 2022]

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The pencil in pump 6 is broken
Irvins RV Park, Valemount BC

Lee has determined that there is no relation between the quality of the road and how much stuff moves around inside the Schooner. Today we had a nice flat run up the Yellowhead Highway and we still had lots of stuff moving around in cupboards. Some times (read: Saskatchewan) we were on absolutely terrible roads and when we parked there was relatively little shifting.

Starting on the road leading out of the North Thompson Provincial Park and all the way to Valemount we encountered construction of the Trans Mountain Pipeline. It is an effort so huge you need to drive BC Highway 97 to really appreciate it. And when they are done, there will be no evidence left of the effort.

Lee went into Valemount for some chores which included gassing up Chuck. The receipt printer was not working at the pump so he went in to get a copy. He said to the clerk "The pencil in pump 6 is broken". Confused stare was the reply. Oh well, nice try at prodding for a laugh.

Lez notes: all it takes is one good bump - and the tea pot hits the coffee pot which bumps the cat's bowls that knock over the treats that are more than ready to spill treat bits out the cupboard doar without warning when we open up after docking. Every cupboard is tethered and every day there are different surprises, but at least our dishes remain inside and intact.

We got a good view of the pipeline going through. WOW - the number of people and businesses involved in the process is huge. The process is mind-boggling - trees removed, land removed, rocks removed; trenches through rock, horizontal drilling, under roadways and railways and even river! Tens of thousands of sections of pipe laying ready to be installed. All just to get the oil product from Alberta out to the coast.

Once settled in Lee wandered into town for a few grocery supplies. With the computers now fully powered we were able to connect again with friends and various websites, download photos and do our daily blog. Lee made his delicious home made pizza - including crust from scratch. A great way to use up cheeses and lunch/pizza meat. With electricity again, the breadmaker kneeded up the dough.

We went for a short walk around the quiet but fairly filled in campground after dinner. There are quite a few pipeline workers living in RV's out here.

The evening is cooling off! The sunset on the snow covered mountains around is stunning. We may see snow tonght. Well, it IS Valemount in May!