All alone beside the river     [May 16, 2022]

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Dry camping along the Thompson River
North Thompson Provincial Park BC

Lee convinced Lez to do a dry camping tonight, specifically in the North Thompson Provincial Park. When we got there it was pretty much deserted and we chose a nice spot right along the river, which was 100 fee below us. Needless to say we used the chock blocks on the Schooner.

We got ourselves comfortably settled - the rushing North Thompson River flowing quickly by. Yes, the river 100 feet down, with the drop off very close to the side of the RV. Wheels were on solid ground, but it looked scary. Across from that was the CN rail line - which has quite a busy schedule and very long trains of double containers heading back and forth day and night. Fortunately, we sleep like logs and the sound of the train was not an issue. It blew its horn once - and we were confused. There is no crossroad for many miles in either direction. Perhaps a bear or moose decided to cross and enjoy the grasses in between the rails.

What DID keep me awake (no, not Lee's snoring LOL) was the downpour that hit the roof of the Schooner after we went to bed! Our waterproof unit was put to the test - quite successfully. No leaking was found. It was a very quiet campground - every site quite treed in and complete with the little brown, chattery squirrels.

The challenge for us was the use of our electronics - minimal in order to preserve their batteries. Yes, we could have plugged into our generators - but decided we would survive without a computer until tomorrow.